Founder & President

Mr Sascha Zilger

Founder of TwentyFourSeven Germany, is an avid car enthusiast at heart. However, contrary to his enthusiasm to fast cars, he is also fascinated by skincare, such as moisturizers and the way it makes his skin feels. He eventually became a believer that men should be caring for their skin equally as women and vowed to find the right product that can work for both. In his quest to do so, Sascha met industry researchers that pointed him to the right direction and with his growing captivation of skin care, decided to develop his own product with a team of scientists in Germany. Hence, twentyfourseven was born. With the success of his first product launch, #one, came the question of “why stop there?”. With the help of his team, he pursued what eventually would become the #mask. Now armed with a full skin-care regimen including a whitening cream, lash extenders and more, Sascha plans to bring the entire line Globally with his big network of business partner who’s mission is to create a full circle of care in health , beauty and wellness to take it to the next level .